Enrollment Deposit

SUU requires a $100 non-refundable Enrollment Deposit to be paid by all undergraduate students before registering for classes. Pay or request a deferment of the Deposit as soon as possible to be able to register for classes at the earliest possible date. (NOTE: The deposit is not refundable if you are unable to secure housing.) 

Pay Non-Refundable Deposit Postpone Deposit

Why do I need to pay the Enrollment Deposit?

  • It allows SUU to more effectively plan for class offerings and student resources.
  • Pays for vital transition and transfer services including Thunder U/University Orientation (all students) and First Year Experience Programs and Transfer Programs (Transfer Students).
  • Helps SUU identify students earlier who are in need of financial assistance.
  • The Enrollment Deposit will need to be paid in order for students to register for university classes (all students) and to attend Thunder U/University Orientation (all students).
  • A paid Enrollment Deposit maintains a student's eligibility in the on-campus housing assignment process.

Students may request the enrollment deposit be postponed. This will allow the student to pay the Deposit when payment of tuition is due.